Air Inflator Pro


Presenting the Air Inflator Pro, a versatile and compact air pump that transforms the process of inflating, pumping, and compressing while on the move. Designed with convenience and effectiveness in mind, the Air Inflator Pro effortlessly handles various inflation duties, such as maintaining optimal air pressure in your vehicle's tires, inflating your bicycle tires, and revitalizing your pool inflatables.

Inflate the Tires

Air Inflator Pro is a battery tire inflator, air pump and compressor designed for power, precision, and portability.

See It In Action

This compact, powerful device is designed to make inflation a breeze, whether you're inflating car tires, bike tires, sports equipment, or inflatables.

One Pump,

Many Possibilities

Say goodbye to the clutter of various pumps and inflators.
- Inflates vehicles, bikes, and inflatables with ease

- Pumps pool toys, balloons, and baby strollers

- Inflates basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, and volleyballs

-Auto Safe-Stop for accurate inflation

-Built-in lights for nighttime emergencies

-Doubles as a phone 

charging station

Auto Safe-Stop

The Auto Safe-Stop feature ensures precise inflation by automatically shutting off the pump once the desired pressure is reached. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your tires and inflatables are filled to the perfect level every time.

Built-in Light

The built-in light makes it easy to tackle roadside emergencies even in the dark. Stay safe and visible while you inflate your tires, no matter the time or place.

Stay Charged

Serves as a handy phone charger, making it the perfect companion for any adventure. Keep your devices charged and ready, ensuring you're never left stranded without power.


-Size: 6.69in x 3.03in x 2.16in

-Weight: 1.6 lbs

-Material: Polycarbon

-Voltage / Maximum Power: ‎12 Volts / 60 Watts

-Suitable For: Small And Medium Cars Including SUVs, Bicycles, Motorcycles, Swimming Rings, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Lawn Mower Tires. Not -----Suitable For Big Truck Tires, Vans, Buses, And RVs.

-Power Source: ‎Battery Powered

-Package Includes:

1x Tire Inflator

4x Inflatable Adapters

1x Air Hose

1x Vehicle Power Line

1x Storage Bag

1x User Manual